American West

Welcome to where we remember the folks who made their way across the Mississippi River to find new homes in the West.

Explorers, Pathfinders, Prospectors, Settlers, Farmers, Cattlemen & Cowboys, Traders, Bankers, Lawyers, Lawmen, Outlaws, Teachers, Mothers, Fathers, Children—all in search of peace and prosperity. All endured extreme hardships. Some were rewarded with success, while others suffered even to the point of death. Native Americans who long had cherished the land were angry and sad to see it slip away as newcomers arrived, staked claims, and made it their own. Some old and new westerners found ways to cope, some did not. All contributed mightily to the history of the West.

The antiquarian books and documents offered here are meant to keep alive these diverse spirits of western history. We hope that you will find our ever-changing stock of interest. Thanks for stopping by.


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