Item #040011 "THE INDIAN MOCCASIN," Vol. 2, No. 5, May 1894. Afton / Hubbard Indian Territory, Jeremiah.

"THE INDIAN MOCCASIN," Vol. 2, No. 5, May 1894.

Afton, I.T. Jeremiah Hubbard, 1894. First Edition. Softcover. 4pp, printed in a small and legible typeface. Self-wrappers. 9" x 6". The first 2-3/4 pages recount Quaker missionary Hubbard's train trip with his wife and young son from Afton, I.T. to Oakland, California, including a visit to the Midwinter Fair in the Bay Area. The route led from Afton through Peirce City, Missouri, then on to Burrton, Kansas, and then via Santa Fe to California. He tells of an encounter with Pueblo Indians in Arizona; of landing at 16th Street in Oakland; of preaching at Friends Meetings; &c. Of the Mid-Winter Fair, he states: " many respects it outstripped the World's Fair [Columbian Exposition]. Here we had the privilege of visiting the village of Honolulu and saw the natives in their costumes...of seeing the South Sea Islanders...people from Ceylon...visiting Cairo street in the fair grounds where the Jews have a fine display...." They travel to Golden Gate, Cliff House, the Florence Mission at San Jose; visit with a "Christian Chinaman" in his store at Oakland; take in the Salvation Army's Home of Peace, a rescue home for friendless girls. In Chinatown, "...we were in one of their Joss Houses where they go to worship their idols....It was a privilege to visit the deaf and dumb and blind asylums here at Berkeley...." The remaining text of the issue contains items of local interest in the Afton, I.T. area. Fine. Item #040011

Afton, Indian Territory became Ottawa County, Oklahoma. For a discussion of the Society of Friends work there, see the Council House Friends Church online history. [WorldCat locates two holdings of this newspaper: Columbia U and Oklahoma Hist Soc.].

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